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Reading Temperature Ratings correctly

Perceived Temperature

The perception of temperature of human beings is very individual und subjective. It depends of many factors such as:

  • Sex (due to anatomic facts females generally feel colder than males)
  • Level of exhaustion (an exhausted body feels cold fast)
  • Hunger (a hungry body feels cold faster than a well fed)
  • How used are you to sleeping in a sleeping bag
  • Influence of alcohol

There are also objective measurable factors that have an impact on temperature perception while sleeping:

  • Wind-chill (always try to protect from wind!)
  • Insulation from the ground (on the ground the insulation gets compressed and loses its power so whenever possible use a sleeping mat)
  • Humidity (wet climates feel colder)

As a result the perceived temperature of the same person varies depending on the mentioned factors by up to 8°C.

Defining Temperature Ratings

Since 2002 the EN Norm 13537 exists, defining temperature ratings for sleeping bags. Here temperatures are rated with the help of standardized climate chamber tests.

SelkBag cooperates with the Norwegian Thelma institute in defining its temperatures in accordance with the EN Standards. The comfort area means, that a person in good shape (facts above) can sleep through the whole night. Still these ratings stay laboratory results. They cannot be seen as guaranteed values. They should be seen as relative and serve the purpose of making different sleeping bag models relatively comparable. The extreme temperature rating is to be viewed as a survival protection level only.


  • hand wash with a mild detergent or machine wash (max. 30°C)
  • wash on the gentle cycle, use as little detergent as possible
  • spread out to dry or tumble dry (max 30°C)
  • do not iron
  • do not wash with dark colours
  • do not use bleach
  • do not wash the bag more than necessary

Shipping Times

Orders submitted before 12 o'clock and paid online are shipped the same business day. All other orders are shipped within one business day after we receive payment. You can find our shipping times here.

Exchange and Returns

Please contact us at mentioning your order number and your wish (exchange or return) and we will reply with further instructions. Do not send goods without contacting us before.


Make sure you know the right size before ordering your SelkBag. Check out our convenient size chart to see which SelkBag size is right for you. By choosing your body length in the size chart we already account for additional space in the bag for your comfort. Please only go by body length when making your choice.
If your height is on the verge between two sizes we always recommend choosing the larger size as it will be more comfortable when you sleep and of course will increase mobility and movement while sleeping.

Sizing varies between models. Please choose carefully according to your body length.

The girth measurements depend on the size. For the SelkBag Original they are:

  • M: 119 cm (47 in)
  • L: 127 cm (50 in)
  • XL: 135 cm (53 in)

Gift Certificates

If you are not completely sure which colour or which size to get as a gift you can purchase our convenient gift certificates in the shop. Each certificate is valid for a model you define at the time of purchasing the certificate. Colour, size and shipping address are chosen by the recipient. Your choice of residence when ordering decides which country the gift can be shipped to. Example: You are getting a present for someone in the UK please chose the UK as the country of residence. This way you make sure that the recipient has no costs when redeeming his gift certificate. Certificates do not expire and stay valid until they are used.

Buy a Gift Certificate

  1. Visit the shop
  2. Choose a gift certificate
  3. Pay
  4. After receiving your payment you will receive an Email with two PDFs attached. One is the invoice and one is the gift certificate which looks similar to this one. If you pay, you will receive your gift certificate instantly via email.

Redeem a Gift Certificate

  1. Visit the shop
  2. Choose the color and size of the given model you wish to receive
  3. Insert your delivery address and the code
  4. Your SelkBag will be delivered within a few days

Legal Details regarding the Gift Certificate

The gift certificate cannot be paid out in cash. It can be redeemed only online on and against the named model SelkBag (e.g. SelkBag Original). The person holding the code has the right to redeem. Please take care of your code and certificate. The certificate code is valid three years from date of purchase. If the code is not redeemed during the three years of validity, the purchaser can of course change it back to cash using the original invoice. The terms and conditions stay valid also for gift certificates.

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