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The Selk'nam, also known as the Ona, lived in the Patagonian region of southern Chile and Argentina including the Tierra del Fuego islands. They were one of the last aboriginal groups in South America to be reached by Westerners. Tierra del Fuego is literally the "land of fire" based on early European explorers observing Selk'nam smoke from their bonfires. The Selk'nam were nomadic people and survived by hunting. They dressed sparingly, a remarkable feat given the cold climate of Patagonia. Selk'nam have been the foundation for the design concept of Rodrigo Alonso, designer of the SelkBag.

Tierra del Fuego is ruled by beings that symbolize the free, magical and exploratory spirit of the SelkBag. We call these beings shamans. Joined together, the SelkBag and its wearer are transformed into brave explorers. Guided by the SelkBag shamans, SelkBag explorers endeavor to discover the most unique, distant and unexplored corners of our planet. From the home to distant forests, from lakeside to seaside, from automobile to isolated campsites and everywhere in between, all journeys are possible in the world of the SelkBag.

Born of the Cypress, lives in forests and on lake shores, measures more than eight meters tall, only birds can detect its presence.

Phantom of the rocks and crystals, lives in the north, transmits sounds of low frequency causing hallucinations.

Avatar of our ancestors, lives in the desert and in cliff sides, its presence is accompanied by the whispers of wind, never look it in the eyes.

Avatar of the ancient warriors, lives in Patagonia and in the lands of the end of the world, its presence is accompanied by bonfires, dances, and battle cries last in time.

Soul of all creatures, lives in the Southern Hemisphere, as big as a bear, other animals are nervous in its presence, it's peaceful despite its strength.

Creature representative of the great cetaceans, lives in fjords, reeds and the highs seas of the south, measures twelve meters long, the dolphins swim closely by while the sea rises rapidly in its presence.


Rodrigo Alonso Schramm is the designer behind the SelkBag. He has won numerous design prizes. His designs are sold throughout the world. Rodrigo is Chilean and is based in Santiago de Chile.