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SelkBag in the Press

6 January 2015 – Wideopen UK Bike Magazine (United Kingdom)

Selk’bag Patagon review – it’s a sleeping bag, but you can run around in it.

What is it? It’s a ‘sleep system’. Like a sleeping bag, but with arms and legs. And feet and hands that you can zip on and off.

Selk’bag first came to our attention a few years ago when they released their ‘Classic’ sleep-wear suit. The Patagon is latest model from Selk’bag and really catapults the brand in to the ‘serious’ outdoor adventurer market.

Firstly let’s get over the Elephant in the room. You WILL look like a Telly Tubby. That’s a fact. However your mate’s smirks and ‘witty’ comments will soon fade when you’re lounging around camp, warm as toast, while your friends shiver, shake and deliberate whether they should go and climb in to their sleeping bag, dipping out on the banter or stay and freeze.

As mentioned the Patagon is jam packed full of really fantastic design features that set this product apart from the competition, so let’s run through the main ones.

Krekran insulation
Krekran is Selk’bag’s own hollow fibre insulation material. I have a real issue with shiny ‘new’ materials that are marketed as ‘the next big thing in……’ as most don’t chuffing work. We all know feather/down filled sleeping bags and jackets are the bomb, so in order to move away from a tried and trusted formula the replacement must be better. Not just as good, better. Happily Krekran is better. In our tests we found it had the enviable quality of regulating the wearer’s temperature pretty darn well. Even when we slept in it in a centrally heated house we found it comfortable and not too hot. Of course if the worst came to the worst there are zippered vents (like you get in waterproof jackets) meaning you can let some cool air in without shedding the suit. In addition to this Krekran doesn’t suffer from those uncomfortable animal welfare issues that really take the shine off buying a feather/down product.

Magnetic hand closure system
Now this really is very clever. The Patagon has easy to find openings in the arms that mean you can get your hands out and do stuff without having to remove the suit. In addition the remaining portion of the arm (the hand bit), Velcro’s back keeping them out of the way whilst you, tie your shoes, have a cup of coffee, work on your bike, etc. These openings are fastened by magnets meaning they are really easy to open and close by themselves. Genius! Again this helps with temperature regulation and placates any feelings of claustrophobia that a complete sleep suit might cause.

Zip off Booties (feet)
Once again this is an invaluable feature that really sets the Patagon suit apart from the competition. Both feet zip off, meaning you can get out of bed, put your own shoes on and wander about without actually having to get out of bed! This makes us very happy indeed. The feet do have a tough sole with rubberised strips for grip and are fairly waterproof. But on dew soaked campsite grass, leaves or mud there really is no substitute for your own shoes and dry feet. As if this weren’t enough the detached feet will then zip together to make a reasonably comfortable pillow. There are also drawstrings above the zippers meaning that the suit doesn’t slip down and drag in the wetness. These drawstrings are also useful for keeping the feet where they are meant to be when they are attached. They really have thought of pretty much everything.

As well as these key features the suit is also baffled for better performance and durability, it has a drawstring adjustable 3D hood and insulated draft tubes around all the YKK zippers and neck.

Final thoughts
The Selk’bag Patagon is not cheap with an rrp of £209, but hell, a good sleeping bag isn’t far off that anyway and the Patagon is light years ahead in the practicality stakes. This latest suit from Selk’bag really marks ‘their coming of age’ as far as we’re concerned.

In our tests we only found one drawback and that was its size. When packed in to its stuff sack the Patagon was still 30% bigger and heavier than a sleeping bag of the same quality making it less attractive to those wishing to be fully self sufficient on the trail. Selk’bag also make a ‘Lite’ model, this would be the one to go for if you are weight/size focused.

Excellent, thoughtful design coupled with warmth, durability and faultless construction. You can expect to see these suits becoming a regular feature at races and trail centres over the coming years and months, with warm, happy, mountain bikers ambling about like a tribe of sleeping bag yeti’s.


25 November 2014 – GSM London (United Kingdom)

How students survive winter

Winter is cold, dark and long and as a student with limited funds and worn through socks, it is vital to find a way to survive this most dreaded of season.

Still not warm enough? Then the SelkBag should sort you out. Forget the heating bills this winter, the SelkBag is a sleeping with arms and legs, allowing you to work and revise whilst feeling as warm as a summer’s day, just with considerably more clothes on! Their innovative design means that you move freely whilst staying as warm as you would be if you were still in bed, now that’s taking student life to the limits.


27 August 2014 – Mais Pourquoi On A Pas (France)

Sac de Couchage MusucBag

Si cet été, vous avez décidé de partir faire un trekking, dormir sur la plage ou dormir sous une tente alors, cet accessoire de camping pour baroudeur sera votre compagnon idéal !


20 June 2014 – Metro (United Kingdom)

Glastonbury 2014: Don’t leave home without these 10 festival must-haves

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a happy camper. I like my home comforts and being able to use the loo at will.

But, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in the name of a good time.

So, next week, many of us will be heading to some fields in Somerset wearing Hunter wellies to say thank you for the music – and, um, Metallica.

Here’s 10 things that will make the whole camping experience considerably better – along with as many wet wipes as you can carry.

1. The sleeping bag
If you’re in need of a new sleeping bag, you have to get the MuscuBag – it’s a sleeping bag you can wear. That is all.

2. The smart tent
We love inanimate objects that are smarter than us. This 4-person solar-powered tent will charge your mobile, speakers and anything else you wish to take with you (no questions asked). It also comes in a snazzy Woodstock design so you’ll be able to find it in the canvas crowd.

Which makes it sightly more useful – and definitely cheaper – than this tent (although the Tube tent does fit 72 people standing – party train!)
London Underground Tube tent, £1999.99, FireboxLondon Underground Tube tent, £1999.99, Firebox

3. The toilet solution
The number one bugbear at festivals is the grim toilet situation. Enter the disposable toilet. It’s basically a box you can pee in that contains a special agent which turns urine into an odourless gel. They come in packs of 3 – stock up with as many as you can carry for those emergency situations.

4. A shower
First world problem no. 2 at a festival is keeping clean when you can’t face a one-hour queue for the showers. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t look good on 5-day-old hair reduced to a chalky mess by dry shampoo, then this portable shower is for you.

You fill it with water and then the insulating fabric uses solar power to heat said water – instant power shower (sort of).

5. The lazy person’s toothbrush
No water or rinsing necessary. Just brush your teeth on the move.

6. The lightweight charger
If your tent won’t charge your phone for you (rude), we’ve got the next best thing. Well, actually the next best thing was the EE exchangeable charger but that’s sold out – sorry. So, try the Mophie Juice Pack which fits neatly onto your iPhone (what d’you mean you don’t have an iPhone? What is this, 1995?) and provides you with 80 per cent extra charge. Looks good too.

7. The wireless speaker
This isn’t cheap but we’re assuming you’re a music fan so it might be worth it. The powerful Ultimate Ears Boom bluetooth portable speaker even acts as a speakerphone (just be careful when mum calls).

8. The only chance you’ll have of a decent meal
You need a camping stove if you want to do this properly. This one comes in a handy carry-bag and cooks, heats and charges your electronics. Where camping stoves are concerned, it’s a triple threat. As the strapline says, ‘come on, biolite my fire’.

9. An aesthetically pleasing tent light
Fill your tent with a soft diffused light by hooking this to the roof. Great for sexy time no? It also has a glow in the dark switch so it’s easy to find.

10. Flash tattoos
Forget floral garlands in your hair, the flash tattoo is the must-have accessory for this year’s festival season. Get yours ordered now and be the smuggest middle-class bohemian on the campsite.

Happy camping.


30 April 2014 – Climbing (United States)

Sleeping is fun

This may not be the most practical bag on the market (at 4+lbs., it's heavy for a 35°F bag), but our testers sure had a good time with it. “On a chilly night in camp near Moab last November, I unzipped the feet on the Patagon and wore it around the fire,” said one tester. “Then I crawled in my tent to sleep and crawled back out to do yoga in the morning sun.” A proprietary synthetic insulation called Krekran kept testers warm down to the mid-40s, and at least one tester used it as much as apparel as a sleeping bag. “It's both!” she pointed out, as she slid her hands out of magnetic slots at the end of each sleeve to grab her beer. It's durable, too: The shell material held up to desert use with no signs of fatal wear.


9 April 2014 – Orange (Spain)

Los 7 mejores gadgets para dormir plácidamente

¿Sabías que el 5% de la población española utiliza hipnóticos de manera habitual por problemas de sueño? El estrés del trabajo, el abuso de bebidas estimulantes como el café, el cansancio, la ansiedad, los ruidos del vecino del tercero...en fin, da igual que sea por a o por b, el caso es que no pegamos ojo. Y, claro, así no hay quien rinda. El presidente de la Sociedad Española de Sueño y director del Instituto de Investigaciones del Sueño, Diego García-Borreguero, advertía la semana pasada que, según datos del Ministerio de Sanidad, casi uno de cada cinco españoles presenta habitualmente una somnolencia excesiva durante el día. Si tu insomnio no es ocasional y vas por la vida cual zombie, además de descargarte nuestro top 6 de aplicaciones para ayudarte a contar ovejitas, aquí tienes una serie de gadgets que, seguro, te harán dormir como un lirón.

Que no te despiste la fotografía, lo que te presentamos aquí no es un grumete del capitán Pescanova, sino un saco de dormir con forma de cuerpo humano capaz de reconciliar a los más sibaritas con la acampada al aire libre. Además de envolverte en una especie de edredón nórdico para mantenerte calentito, el 'Selk Bag' te permite caer rendido en, literalmente, cualquier parte. Sí, ríete tu de los pijamas inteligentes. Puede que, ahora que empiezan a salir los primeros rayos de sol, no le veas sentido alguno al 'wereable', pero es perfecto para los que son más de montaña que de playa.


1 April 2014 – Flair (Belgium)

Doen: kamperen

Koukleumen hoeven niets te vrezen in deze Musucbag, een slaapzak die je gewoon aantrekt als een onesie.


7 March 2014 – Mammoth Steppe Rally Team (United Kingdom)

It's not every day you say "why has it taken us 25 years to get these?" But that's exactly what we said when our MusucBags arrived. What a great product - the original sleeping bags with arms and legs! We've kindly been sent 'classic black' and 'chilli pepper' colours and have not taken them off all day!! Have a look at the full range at and you won't be disappointed! Thanks again to the people at MusucBag.


12 February 2014 – MSN Digital (Germany)

Schlafen Sie gut!

Was für ein Produkt heißt denn bitte Selk’bag? Da haben wir auch keine Erklärung…

Was wir sehen, wirkt wie ein großer Einteiler in Schlafsack-Style – gemütlich und warm, und damit genau das Richtige für alle, die nicht so richtig erwachsen werden wollen. Selk’bag ist der perfekte Begleiter für Ihr nächstes Outdoor-Abenteuer, immerhin können Sie aufstehen und herumlaufen, ohne sich aus den kuscheligen Federn schälen zu müssen. Selbst der Preis kann sich sehen lassen, denn Selk’bag gibt es bereits ab 55 Euro online zu bestellen.


19 December 2013 – Plastiques Caoutchoucs (France)


Le designer chilien Rodrigo Alonso propose un sac de couchage baptisé Musuc Bag. Très original, il a intégré le fait de pouvoir sortir bras et jambes de la couette, qui se transforme ainsi en combinaison. Une belle invention pour les personnes frileuses qui ne veulent pas sortir de leur lit douillet et affronter le froid hivernal. Très facile à enfiler grâce à la fermeture éclair accessible depuis l'intérieur ou l'extérieur au niveau des mains et particulièrement léger (à peine 2 kg selon le modèle), il est fabriqué en polyester avec des semelles antidérapantes.


30 October 2013 – FHM (United Kingdom)

An apocalyptic winter is on the way. Stay ahead of Mother Nature with this essential kit

Suit up and switch off the boiler and avoid the price hikes. This hybrid sleeping bag made from reinforced rip-stop has grippy feet, a 3D hood, hand holes and ventilation slits, and costs precisely £644 less than the average UK gas bill. No. Brainer.


1 October 2013 – The Student Guide (United Kingdom)

Freshers' Essentials

Always wanted to pretend you're a Teletubby? Introducing the MusucBag – the sleeping bag you can wear. Made from nylon with a micro-fibre bonded filling, this poofy suit can withstand temperatures as low as -13 Degrees Celsius! So whether you're out camping or just want to save money on your heating bills, the MusucBag is sure to keep you warm and cosy.


2 September 2013 – Channel 4 Gadget Man (United Kingdom)

The Great Outdoors

Richard Ayoade immerses himself in the world of gadgetry, trying out all the products and prototypes he can lay his hands on: gadgets from the future, gadgets from the past and sweet little gizmos that people can buy today - and that will change the way they live their lives tomorrow.

He sets off on his venture in the company of some fellow gadget lovers, including Stephen Mangan, Jimmy Carr, John Humphrys and Noel Fielding.

And, as well as introducing viewers to some of the world's most sought after gadgets, Richard also invents a series of problem-solving contraptions of his own.


1 September 2013 – Red Bulletin (Switzerland)


Der Schlafsack mit Armen und Beinen setzt hinsichtlich Passform und Bewegungskomfort bei Schlafsäcken neue Maßstäbe. Die 4. Generation des Classic ist mit einer Reihe an neuen Features ausgestattet: Kapuze, Belüftungszipper, Hüftgürtel, Anti-Rutsch Sole, um nur einige zu nennen. Der SekBag Lite ist die reduziertere wie auch leichtere Variante - für laue Sommernächte am Lagerfeuer oder auf dem Festival genau der richtige Begleiter. Beide Modelle sind im ausgewählten Handel und im Webshop erhältlich.


1 August 2013 – Endeavour (United Kingdom)

August Gadgets

With the massive fad recently of lonesies' mixed with the fact I was going to be spending four nights camping in Scotland I thought it would be a great idea to tryout the MusucBag Classic. MusucBag is a revolutionary sleeping bag system which allows maximum mobility (perfect while fleeing from the Scottish) whilst keeping warm. Its lining is made from soft touch nylon with a polyester hollow fibre bonded filling and can withstand temperatures as low as -13 Degrees Celcius. The storage in the item deserves a mention, I hate spending hours packing away sleeping bags the process is so tedious, however the stuff bag that comes with the product is great and takes less than a minute to have it packed away. Sitting outside my tent the MusucBag turned a lot of heads and I had a lot of people asking about so there is a lot of interest there.


5 July 2013 – Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

The sleeping bag you can wear...

This sleeping bag is like a giant ski suit, with arms and legs so you can move around, inside and out, without getting cold or resorting to that ‘sack race’ shuffle necessary in a conventional sleeping bag.

While it makes you look like a Teletubby, this suit is, quite simply, a genius idea.

Not only is it super snuggly — like wearing a giant duvet — but it means you can sleep in any position you like without that straitjacket feeling from a sleeping bag.

I don’t know why no one thought of this before.

Posing potential: 5/5. The reinforced feet mean you can even wear it outside while your fellow campers shiver enviously.

Practicality: 5/5. Washable and warm, it will transform your camping experience. You could even wear it at home to save on heating bills.


1 July 2013 – Technology Review (Germany)

Schlafsack bekommt Beine

Ist es ein besonders dicker Skianzug oder eine Astronautenverkleidung? Weder noch. Der MusucBag ist ein Schlafsack-Overall — mit Armen, Beinen und rutschfesten Fußsohlen. Wozu das gut sein soli, zeigt ein Video auf der Herstellerseite: Offensichtlich läst es sich im MusucBag hervorragend über Sanddünen kullern oder Felsspalten durchqueren. Die naheliegendere Nutzung besteht wahl darin, dass sich kälteempfindliche Camper zum Kartenspielen oder Feuerholz auflegen nicht mehr aus ihrem Schlafsack schalen mussen. Allzu kälteempfindlich sollten sie allerdings dann doch nicht sein: Der Hersteller gibt den Komfortbereich mit lediglich 9 Grad Celsius an.


13 June 2013 – Heldth (Germany)

Schlafsäcke sind normalerweise nichts für Menschen mit nächtlichem Bewegungsdrang. Wenn man das Outdoor-Abenteuer allerdings in einem gemütlichen MusucBag verbringt sieht das ganz anders aus. Egal ob man unter freiem Himmel schläft, es sich im Zelt gemütlich macht, kühle Abende auf dem Balkon genießen möchte oder einfach auf dem Sofa rumliegt, die ungewöhnliche Form macht diesen Schlafsack immer zur perfekten Lösung. Für unterschiedliche Ansprüche gibt es passende Modelle.


1 June 2013 – Zeit Wissen (Germany)

Mumie trifft Astronaut

Immer das Gleiche: Kaum hat man sich in den Schlafsack gezwangt, flihlt man sich wie eine Raupe im Kokon. Der grofSe Zeh kribbelt? Vergessen Sie es! Kuscheln? Keine Chance! Bewegungsfreiheit geht anders. Zum Beispiel mit diesem AstronautenSchlafanzug. Mit dem kann man sogar tanzen, selbst bei Temperaturen bis zu minus neun Grad.


15 May 2013 – Latu ja Polku (Finland)

UNISSAKÄVELIJÖILLE? Musucbag on makuupussin ja haalarin hybridi. Lämpötalouden kannalta raajojen lokeroiminen ei tietenkään ole paras mahdollinen ratkaisu, mutta mukavuuden ja monikäyttöisyyden vuoksi aihepiiri kutkuttelee suunnittelijoita ja nousee aika-ajoin kaupalliseksi tuotteeksi asti. Tässä makuupussissa tila ei ole levottomankaan nukkujan esteenä. Mukavuuslämpötila +4 ºC.